Existing in the space between Minimal sensibilities and a material based approach my practice asks questions about sexuality, gender politics and personal experience through the relationship between critical thinking and material tactility.

By using found objects and materials used in our everyday surroundings my work sits in a space of fragile familiarity, but by removing them from their comfortable position the work questions the material qualities and conceptual connotations of the objects.



Kieran Milne was born in 1989 in Edinburgh and is currently studying Fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone.

Group Shows:

Pop Up Housing: Superclub Gallery, Edinburgh 2011

Ceci N’est pas une Orange: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh 2011

Plastik Zine Showcase: Generator Projects, Dundee 2013

interAction(s): Matthew Cabinet, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee 2013

Edition 1: Meadowmill Wasps Studios, Dundee 2014

(((Echo))): Jim Campbell, DCA, Dundee 2015 

Annual Members Show: Generator Projects, Dundee 2015

Cubed: Generator Projects, Dundee 2015

In Transit: DJCAD, Dundee, 2015

Edition 2: Hannah Maclure Centre 2015

Impact 9 Print Conference (As Part of Dundee Print collective): Hangzhou, China


The Bothy Project Self Directed Residency at Inshriach 2015




Dundee Print Collective



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